ICCO Cooperation believes in a society without poverty, where all people have equitable access to economic opportunities and justice.

We focus on small scale farmers, farmer organizations and small and medium enterprises who:

  • are a big part of the solution to the malnutrition of 800 million people in the world and
  • can contribute to food secure, prosperous and resilient communities.

ICCO has

  • 50 years of experience in developing cooperation,
  • a vast local presence with 6 regional and 20 country offices and
  • experience in blending grants and investments in innovative projects and businesses.

Our core activities are

  • (co-)implementing multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral programs,
  • building public-private partnerships,
  • supporting and investing in farmer organizations and SMEs,
  • providing technical advisory services on agri-food value chains and
  • influencing policy.

social enterprise

We are a cooperative with a non-profit (ICCO Foundation) and a commercial entity (ICCO Group B.V.) under one umbrella, named ICCO Cooperation. Purposes are shared. The group consists of: ICCO Investments, AgriBusiness Booster, iMPACT Booster, FairClimateFund and Fair & Sustainable Advisory Groups.

ICCO Investments

invests in small growing businesses

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Agribusiness Booster

co-entrepreneurs with pre-growth SMEs

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iMPACT Booster

enables SME entrepreneurs to enter emerging markets.


realizes climate neutrality

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Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services

offers high-quality technical services

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