The roll out of the stoves started in January 2016. The project aims to reach 20,000 households with each two stoves in the four districts of West Wollega. One stove is called the Mirt and is locally produced by women SMEs. The other stove is called the Tikkil. The metal shell is produced in Addis Ababa and the clay liner is produced in Ghimbi by another local woman SME.

The project has achieved that now all four Mirt local women SME-producers are operational and that 10 local staff have been hired. Already 7,866 stoves were produced and 5,036 stoves have been installed at households across the four districts. The capacity building, that is integrated in the project set-up, resulted in more social coherence and contributed to the empowerment of women. The validation with Gold Standard was accomplished early 2017.

Stoves produced


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to realize climate neutrality

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