To achieve concrete results, ICCO engages in partnerships with a broad range of actors, including the private sector, academia and governments. We focus on economic empowerment, food security and responsible business in agribusiness value chains, to ensure that companies, entrepreneurs and business startups play their part in building a more inclusive society.

Our experience shows that when the interests of all actors in the value chain are taken into account, trade can be “development relevant.” The Netherlands is a big exporter of onions to West Africa. But Mali can only take charge of its own development if, to paraphrase an old adage, it can grow its own onions. This requires a range of inputs and capacity development support, such as high quality seeds and climate-smart production techniques. With the right kind of policy support, Dutch expertise can be channeled to helping Mali invest in its future and create job opportunities for young people.

Turnover in 2016


Business portfolio


Invested in partnerships


While our gross turnover has decreased over the past few years, the activity level of the organization has not. We now co-implement more projects ourselves, capitalizing on our local presence and the coordination efforts of our regional offices. Our turnover in 2016 was EUR 37.5 million and the business portfolio currently stands at EUR 31.6 million. Next to that we have invested almost EUR 10 million in partnerships where we take the lead.

We consolidate our expertise in catalyzing public-private partnerships. Cooperation increases impact and enlarges the number of people you can support. To anyone who has social and economic aspirations to make the world a bit better: think of ICCO. We’re making it happen.